Friday, February 1, 2008

Pattaya At A Glance

by Cyrille Hareux

Centrally located, Pattaya is one of the most enigmatic cities in Thailand. Touted as Asia's foremost beach resort, it accommodates with equal appeal to families, couples and single visitors. Pattaya's relaxing tropical ambiance is synonymous with every ingredient for a memorable holiday.

The city has undergone some massive changes over the years, which could not have possibly been foreseen by its founding fathers. It is no longer just an assortment of guest houses and cafes on a relatively remote beach; it is now a sophisticated city which prides itself as having some of the best value for the money entertainment venues, hotels and resorts in the world.

Accommodations range from luxurious hotels with superb convention facilities to simple guesthouses. Sporting opportunities abound both on land and water, and include some of the finest golfing, game fishing, and scuba-diving anywhere in Asia.

Every night can be a party if you so desire, or you can dine in a wide range of elegant restaurants that are second to none. There are also dozens of interesting outdoor pursuits such as water sports, aerial events, zoos, golf courses etc, which will satisfy visitors who crave some real action at very affordable prices.

Theme and amusement parks, offbeat museums and blossoming botanical gardens offer abundant forms of pastime activities and cultural entertainment for all family members. When the sun sets, Pattaya provides all the allure and magic of a truly vivacious nightlife with an impressive variety of restaurants, night clubs, bars, discotheques, cocktail lounges and cabarets.

Multifaceted Pattaya is a bustling city, but at the same time it offers peaceful tranquility. This city quite literally provides something for everyone.

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