Friday, February 8, 2008

Pattaya Thailand - Real Estate boom?

by Ron Keeley

Pattaya in Thailand, whilst is a favoured tourist atrraction to many a Thai soulmate seeking Westerner, it is also becoming a booming real estate network.
If you ask any real estate agent here in Pattaya if this is just the current fad, and if that property bubble is about to burst, they will more than likely laugh in your face and say "This is just the beginning!".

Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach are still currently the resorts that many people fly to each and every year and who can blame them - stunning food and restaurants, beautiful Thai women at every turn and hospitality like no other place in the world.

However, if you travel out and about those resorts, you will see building work at every turn as oppose to those beautiful Thai women I mentioned earlier. So something is certainly getting people excited!

There are shophouses, full blown communities and villas being built and with the land still available here in Pattaya, it shows no signs of slowing down.

So what is it about Pattaya that is creating this almost 'goldrush' of housing projects? Well that could be a number of things. There has been a lot of talk and meetings with hotels of proposed Casinos being built in the area and that project looks certain to go ahead at some stage, who knows when is anybody's guess. Rumours of Theme Parks have been mentioned also but these reasons are still to happen and let's face it, there may be a possibility that none of that happens.

My view is, which ever way you look at it, Pattaya will continue to be a popular tourist and expat attraction for many years to come and wave upon wave of tropical sun seeking foreigners (or farangs if you're Thai) will discover this country and learn to love this culture. Holiday homes, retirement homes and playboy homes will be sought after and there will be the supply for the demand.

If you're thinking of buying or owning any sort of property in Thailand, be sure that you understand the laws and regulations as I'm sure they will be very different to that of your own country.

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From Sinlapa Asia an information site on Asia and its cultures.

Pattaya Beach [Thailand] Dawn Freak Show - Pattaya Beach at sunrise is a great place for 'people watching'

by Tony Wells

I call it the Pattaya Beach 'Dawn Freak Show!'

If you've even been to Thailand, specifically Pattaya Beach, you will already know there's an unlimited variety of sights and sounds to experience there. If you enjoy just relaxing and doing some serious 'people watching', then without a doubt, this is the place for you! Let me tell you now, if you can imagine it, you can find it here.

Once I was on a submarine cable laying job in Thailand. Our company was laying a sub sea [that's underwater.. for you folks that really need the basics] fiber optics cable that was to link up most of the Southeast Asian countries with the USA and Europe. Well, it was a hell of a job cause they had me put up in a fairly nice hotel right there on the main strip in Pattaya Beach. Hell of a job and hell of an assignment. LOL. Heck.. my employer didn't know it at the time but even if they would have cut my pay to HALF of what my current day rate was - I wouldn't have left that job for anything.

If any of you readers out there that have had the pleasure to visit Pattaya beach you will fully understand where I'm coming from here. For those of you who have never been to Pattaya beach.. well.. all I can say is there's no shortage of beautiful almond eyed ladies and bars there! I don't even think it's possible to count all the bars there.. every type imaginable that also comes with every type of lady imaginable also.

It's just to hard for me to explain what exactly what Pattaya beach is all about but one thing is for sure - a single male can have a hell-of-a-good time there! There's no denying that at all. If you're an able bodied male.. and you can't get a girl at Pattaya beach.. god have mercy on your soul. That's about all I can say for your sorry ass. LOL

Back to my main topic now.. so.. on this sub sea cable laying job, sometimes I had to catch a boat out to the barge [which was anchored about a few miles offshore there in Pattaya bay]. On those mornings I would have to go down to the little bar on the main strip and wait for the boat to come fetch me. This bar is called the Marine Bar and it's located right on the main strip. Yup.. the Marine Bar was named after the good-ole US Marines! cause during the Vietnam war era days they used to all go to Pattaya beach for some good ole R&R [Rest & Recreation].

I would arrive at the Marine Bar about 5:30 am and wait for my pick-up boat while watching the sun rise. I've always had a favorite pass time of people watching.. and let me tell you.. I had no ideal that people watching at sunrise on Pattaya Beach could bring an entire new meaning to the word! This brought me to an entirely different level! Incredible… I noticed several different types of people there and I classified them into several different crazy groups. Such as…

The All-Nighter's (aka: Vampire Guys)

These guys are very easy to spot cause they usually are the most loud and noticeable of the groups. These guys are the one's who have been up partying all night long and are still going strong at it… maybe it's because of the drugs they took earlier that night.. who knows how they can do it. Oh.. they're good at partying and they do it every night to the maximum. They sleep only around 10 or 11am and then wake up again around 6 or 7pm to do it all over again!

Most of these guys are here in Pattaya on a short vacation and they're here for one reason and one reason only - to PARTY.. and I mean, PARTY HARD! They've been working all year for this short 2 week vacation and they fully intend on packing in at least a years worth of missed partying during their stay here. They only go back to their hotel and pass out when their body is begging for mercy and to get their batteries recharged for a few hours. As soon as they wake up, it's, "What the f**k are we doing sleeping.. LET'S GO PARTY AGAIN!!"

Falang [Foreigner] Drunkards

These are the falang or farang.. [that's 'foreigner' in Thai language] guys who had obviously been out drinking [to much!] and partying all night and didn't even yet realize it's already the next day approaching. They are already so drunk but still insisting to the bar waitress to, 'give me another round'. By now they are so totally wasted and clueless that nothing really mattered to them anymore. The nothing that really mattered anymore includes [but is not limited to] the following; a) The Very Sexy Girl that they had earlier bar fined who was already so tired and pissed-off with this drunkard that all she wanted to do now was to go back to her bar and sleep. Sitting there watching.. I felt sorry for these girls.. what a waste! b) The bar waitress was even fed-up with these kinds of guys already. The next drink she wanted to give this drunkard should have a mickey in it so the guy would just pass out on the bar and be done with it. She'd be doing him a favor.. believe me. c) They're so wasted that they're about to pass-out on the bar.. at which time any Thai thief or rejected Katoey will be able to casually walk over and empty their wallets and pockets for them [well.. at least then they wouldn't have anymore money to pay for anymore drinks so this would force them to go back to their hotel to either sleep it off or.. get more money and come back!].

Last Call For Alcohol Girls

These are the girls that nobody wanted… not even the drunkard above. These girls were totally ignored by so very many horny foreigners and they haven't a clue why. Perhaps the fact that they're ugly as sin may have had something to do with their rejection. I don't know.. just thinking out loud. But hey, even ugly girls have feelings and they deserve to be loved also. Anybody ever heard the saying, "I've never gone to bed with an ugly woman.. but I've woken up with a few!?" LOL

Ok, so.. these not so pretty girls.. they're still hopeful so still staying out there on the streets.. hoping and praying that some drunk or sucker or reject guy will grab them and bring them back to their hotel rooms and make wild passionate love to them.

Pissed-Off & Rejected Katoeys

Now here's a group you won't find anyplace else in the world! Only in Thailand do they have the most beautiful [and sometimes.. not so beautiful] Katoeys! For those of you who don't know what a Katoey is, let me enlighten you. A Katoey is a Ladyboy, HeShe, SheMale, Tranvestite.. you get my drift now.

Believe it or not.. they're in big demand in Thailand. Many foreigners [usually those old, bald, fat foreigner guys] love to play in the sack with Katoeys! That's a known fact [so please don't take offense if you're reading this and you happen to fit the Katoey liking description] LOL. Nothing personal guys. Hey, just to be fair.. I'm sure there's also some young, not-bald, slim foreigner guys who also like to roll in the sack with Katoeys [there.. you happy now?].

Now.. Katoey's have feelings too.. and if you're a totally rejected Katoey you're probably a bit pissed-off come morning time. By this time of morning you can see rejection written all over their faces.. and they're none to happy about it either so they're still out looking.. praying.. hoping.. that they may still have a chance to find a horny little fat and bald foreigner guy to take them back to their hotel room and give them a good … um…. rear-end screwing… with some payment afterwards.. Of Course! How else are they going to make a living?? LOL

So, folks, there you have it. Now you know exactly what the Pattaya Beach Dawn Freak Show is all about so if you ever get a chance to visit the place perhaps you can even join the show if you're still up partying at sunrise there. LOL


About the Author
Tony Wells is an American who's first Asian eye-opening experience was in 1982 when he went there to work as a Commercial Oilfield Deep Sea Diver. He's currently writing a book about his life's story as the only Black American Commercial Diver in SEA and all other his wild and crazy experiences in Asia.

He has also written articles for airline in-flight magazines such as; Silver Kris, Wings of Gold, and Hemispheres as well as some local Singapore newspapers.

Sun Sea and Sand - Jomtien Beach -Thailand

by Derek Miller

For the ultimate beach vacation there is no better location than that of "Jomtien Beach" in Thailand Which is just a two hours ride in a taxi from Bangkok Airport. The Jomtien Beach is located about two kilometers from its busy counterpart resort of South Pattaya. Jomtien beach and the area along its beach road have now become more and more popular for swimming, water sports and activities because it has a long straight coastline and they're being less boats anchored in its waters. There are very many good quality hotels, bungalows and guesthouses. A wide range of small and large condominiums is also available for short or long term rental and many good restaurants serving a wide variety of fresh seafood with a full range of Thai cuisine and International dishes. Many tourists come to this area to just enjoy the scenery and the beach. Chairs are available to sit with a table to have food and drink served directly to you as you soak up the sun or simply lay back and listen to the waters lapping on the sand. Go swimming or enjoy water sports such as wind surfing, ride a water scooter, parasail or take a speed boat ride, even water skiing is possible. The Jomtien Beach has good quality white sand and a very long coastline to enjoy. The beach is much more peaceful here than its counterpart of Pattaya further up the coast. The beaches are always kept in a pristine condition by the many vendors who are there to look after all your needs. Along the early part of the straight beach road you will find many souvenir shops, international restaurants, food stalls. But at the far end of the beach road there are very good seafood restaurants and it is where you can find yourself at times the only person soaking up the sun. You can also swim late into the night along a large part of the beach as the sands are floodlit which makes for a very safe environment to swim after the sun has gone down. May be you only want to simply find a quiet bar for any drink of your choosing. Many are available and the prices have to be seen to be believed. Jomtien beach simply has it all without having to travel long distances. But if you fancy a more adventurous evening and want to enjoy a full range of nightlife activities Pattaya is just a few minutes down the coast. Transportation around the Pattaya and Jomtien area is simple. The open pick up cars (Baht buses as they are locally called) are running all the time. Just hail one down and climb aboard. Jomtien is one place in the world where a good quality beach vacation is simplicity itself. How do I know these things - I live there.
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Friday, February 1, 2008

Planning A Party In Pattaya?

by Lawrence Westfall
Many folks go to Pattaya, Thailand and celebrate some occasion while they are there. Whether it be an anniversary, birthday, divorce, or nothing in particular, there are plenty of party venues to schedule your special event.
I have been going to Thailand for over 30 years, have made numerous friends there - both Thai and Expat and highly recommend the following venues:

1. The FLB bar - owned by Martin and managed by Ricky down on Walking Street past the big tree - this is a very friendly hostess bar that will cater to your every whim. For about 12,000 Baht, about 300 dollars, you will have the time of your life. Excellent food from the Sportsman bar, great, live entertainment from the Ugly Brothers band and some of the friendliest ladies in Pattaya. Martin also runs an excellent forum at

2. Cherry Bar - on Soi 8 and owned by a very friendly Brit - Adam. Adam has devoted his life to making this bar successful on a street lined wall-to-wall with similar bars. He does an excellent job of promoting his quaint little bar and bends over backwards to make you feel at home. And, you don't even have to be a Brit to have a great time here.

3. Lennies Bar - on Soi Diamond between Walking Street and 2nd Road - Paul, the manager, will ease all of your worries and make you feel at home as soon as you walk in the door. As Eric Clapton said, this place will "ease you worried mind". Parties can be arranged easily - just see Paul.

4. Tequila Queen #2 - just off of Walking Street and partially owned by Bob of Bob's BBQ - small, air-conditioned go-go bar that guarantees great food and a super time. It may be small, but the fun will be huge.

5. Secrets Bar - Last but not least by any means. Ben used to be the manager at FLB but has moved onward and upwards and has set up his own bar, restaurant and hotel - the Secrets Hotel and Bar. On Soi 14 - just off of Walking Street Ben will ensure that you will have a super time. Ben is the host with the most and I have known him for over 7 years - he will take care of all your needs. Ben also runs a great forum at The restaurant at Secrets - food you would not believe, caters parties here.

So, if you are heading out to Pattaya, plan a party. It can be for any occasion or just for the heck of it.

About the Author
Larry Westfall is the owner of - Pattaya-Crazy - Newbies Guide to Pattaya

Hotels In Pattaya, Thailand

by Lawrence Westfall

You have decided to visit Asia for your next vacation and have decided to go to Pattaya, Thailand. Your flight is booked but you are still looking for a hotel. But, how do you decide which hotel to stay at?
Your decision should be based on what you plan to do while you are Pattaya. Will you be spending most of your time sightseeing, shopping or enjoying the nightlife? Most likely you will be enjoying the nightlife and will want to be located in the heart of it.

There are three main areas in Pattaya - North, South, and Central and all three have their plusses and minuses. Getting a hotel in any of the three will boil down to a personal preference.

North Pattaya is in the Soi 2 area or even a little further North called Naklua. Most of the tourists here are from Europe and the nightlife is adequate but not spectacular. I rarely go to the Naklua area but I do enjoy the Soi 2 nightlife area.

South Pattaya is very good and includes the area around the infamous Walking Street. There are many hotels available from Soi 13 to Walking Street and also along the side streets between 2nd Road and Walking Street. Many are small pubs with a handful of rooms above the bar.

To me, Central Pattaya is where to stay. The location is perfect as I can walk or catch a baht bus to anywhere in a matter of minutes. Beach Road, 2nd Road or even down to Soi Buakhao are perfect locations as long as the hotel is between Central Road and Soi 13.

Most of the hotels in Pattaya are in the 2 - 4 star range with the occasional 5 star (Marriott) but a 2 - 4 star in Pattaya is definitely a cut above similar hotels in the states. I prefer the smaller, pub places that have a handful of rooms upstairs. Most are owned by a couple and really do their best to make your stay a great one.

Do your research, and look for a discount Pattaya hotel, and enjoy your stay in the Land of Smiles. It won't be hard to find your Asian hotel in Pattaya at all.

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Larry Westfall is the owner of Pattaya Crazy